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Agradecido is a mix of Brazilian choro, bossa, Venezuelan folklore and Latin Jazz that showcases Ray's mandolin and guitar artistry with solid, intricate band rhythms. Described as "...bringing Venezuelan folk music into the 21st century...," these modern arrangements have a rich, vibrant, fresh perspective of traditional South American folk styles.

"Ray skillfully blends Latin melodic structure with modern rhythmic influences, brilliantly blending in modern jazz drumming behind staccato, angular Brazilian-scented melodic lines."
      -- Mandolin Magazine

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  1. O Ôvo
  2. Como Llora Una Estrella
  3. Misturada
  4. Carnaval Llanero
  5. Lamentos
  6. André de Sapato Novo
  7. Assanhado
  8. Manha de Carnaval
  9. Euzkadi
  10. Receita de Samba
  11. Sentimiento En El Río Apure      


  • David Ray - guitar and mandolin
  • Tom Edwards - guitar
  • Steven Strauss - upright bass
  • Vince Littleton - drums
  • Brian Rice - pandeiro and percussion
  • Mike Sugar - electric bass (1, 3, 9)
  • Jackeline Rago - cuatro (2, 4, 11)
  • Saul Sierra - upright bass (2, 4, 11)
  • Ron Galen - 7-string guitar (10)
  • Helen Holt - clarinet (6)

Infinite Journey

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Infinite Journey
Infinite Journey is an EP release of David Ray's earliest recordings as a Latin guitarist and mandolinist. The songs are modern arrangements of works written in a period spanning over 50 years, including traditional Venezuelan, Cuban and Brazilian pieces, and songs by jazz greats Chick Corea, Bola Sete and Mel Martin.

  1. La Fiesta
  2. Canta Cubana
  3. Epilogue
  4. Rhythm Man
  5. Let Go/Lonely Gaucho
  6. Sentimiento en el Río Apure


  • David Ray - guitar and mandolin
  • Darrol Anger - violin
  • Vince Littleton - drums
  • Mike Sugar - bass